Are you a programmer and would like to contribute to Fritzing development? In this section you will find some pointers on how to get started. If you feel that some documentation is missing, please get in touch with us throught the forum.

The Fritzing project is currently hosted with Google Code at That's where you can also find the source code, and the issue tracker.

Fritzing is mostly written in C++, based on the cross-platform toolkit Qt.

Some project stats from ohloh:



Building from Source

Simple 4-step instructions for all platforms

Special notes for Mac, Windows

How to build on the Raspberry Pi.

Understanding the Code and File Formats

In-depth code overview for programmers

Detailed description of the part file format (.fzp)

Detailed description of the sketch file format (.fz)


Are you a student looking for a topic for your thesis? Please contact us, we have many interesting problems for you to take on.

For instance, we're currently looking for help with:

  • Social features for our website
  • Supportive electrical rules checking
  • Improved parts editor
  • ..and other topics from our Roadmap