Release version 0.1b

Dec. 23, 2008

Main release Linux (32-bit) Linux (64-bit) Mac OS X Windows

The "Fritzmas" release is the first version of the new Fritzing that we tend to call stable. We put a lot of effort into polishing, bug fixing, performance improvements and future-proofness (which also means that sketches created with older versions are not compatible with the new one).
We intend to circulate it on a wider base and are encouraging you to try it out on more serious projects.

  • (Hopefully) clearer UI: We put some effort in making the "three views"-concept more understandable, with a new view switcher, miniature views in the navigator, cross-view icons in the inspector, and a new help text on opening Fritzing for the first time.
  • New website: Based on a new underlying web framework (Django), the new website is the foundation for the upcoming social features. Soon you will be able to share projects and custom parts.
  • Refined .fz file format that is (more likely) future-compatible
  • New parts (big potentiometer, batteries, dc motor) and lots of clean-up
  • Five new example sketches, including a Fritzmas surprise
  • Improved synchronization of views (especially for schematic view)
  • New overall design and styling, with much more space for your sketch
  • Big speed-up for the breadboard
  • Export DIY is now vector-based and faster
  • Improved autorouter
  • Breadboard parts resized to be closer to actual size
  • Parts editor connectors view allows for zooming and panning
  • Connectors, connections, buses, and wires cleaned up
  • Autorouting can now be undone
  • ..and many more big and small bug fixes 

Nov. 24, 2008

Main release Linux (32-bit) Linux (64-bit) Mac OS X Windows

Lots of improvements :)

Nov. 12, 2008

Main release Linux (32-bit) Linux (64-bit) Mac OS X Windows

First preview release of the all-newly programmed Fritzing.