Release version 0.6.0b

July 9, 2011

Main release Linux (32-bit) Linux (64-bit) Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.4 Mac OS X 10.5 Source tarball Windows

SMD support, big SparkFun library, perfboard and stripboard, inspector and parts bin cleaned up

New Features

  • Full support of SMD parts (now you can use those really tiny parts)
  • A new set of SMD parts and generics (drop in a part, then "swap" it for an SMD version; with thanks to Daniel Tzschentke)
  • A bin of SparkFun parts (find them in File > Parts Bin > Open > SparkFun; with thanks to SparkFun and Lionel Michel)
  • Perfboard and stripboard--yes you can "cut" it (breadboard alternatives, by popular demand)
  • A new layout for the core parts bin

Improvements & Small Additions

  • Resistors now with tolerance band (for super-precise designs)
  • Simplified design of the part inspector (easier on the eyes)
  • Graphics and text on PCB copper layers (for more flexibility in etching)
  • Improved bill of materials (for a better shopping experience)
  • Document description frame for schematics (for that proper engineering look)
  • OHANDA, OSHW logos (for marking your open-source hardware pcb)
  • PCB is now double-sided by default (can be changed in the inspector)
  • Gerber output fixes (it's right-side up now)
  • Autorouter now also uses Vias
  • Linux built on 10.04.2 LTS

..and many bug fixes and more small improvements.