We love to give talks and workshops about Fritzing and physical prototyping.

Jun 04
snapshot UdK - "My, You & I" (Berlin, Germany)
Jun 04
Panel discussion at the opening of the exhibition organised by designtransfer of UdK
May 28
Hardhack (Berlin, Germany)
May 28 - May 29
Fritzing Workshop as part of hardhack, the hands-on electronic thing
May 23
UXcamp (Berlin, Germany)
May 23 - May 24
Fritzing presentation at Berlin's second UX bar camp event
Apr 08
IxDA Berlin Meeting (Berlin, Germany)
Apr 08
Presentation of Fritzing at the monthly IxDA Berlin meeting
Mar 26
Open Everything: Open Design (Berlin, Germany)
Mar 26
Presentation of Fritzing at the Open Everything event series
Mar 19
Interaction Design Symposium (Split, Croatia)
Mar 19 - Mar 20
Presentation of Fritzing at the Arts Academy of the University of Split
Mar 02
DIY Monday (Berlin, Germany)
Mar 02
Presentation of Fritzing in a new event series organised by bausteln.de
Feb 21
Fritzing Workshop (Berlin, Germany)
Feb 21
Open Fritzing workshop at xxxxx_micro_research
Feb 16
Tangible & Embedded Interactions - TEI '09 (Cambridge, UK)
Feb 16 - Feb 18
Demo of Fritzing and publication of our first academic paper at TEI
Feb 12
Fritzing Open House (Berlin, Germany)
Feb 12
Expert feedback round on Fritzing
Feb 06
Inventor Workshop (Potsdam, Germany)
Feb 06 - Feb 07
Workshop of the "Gesellschaft für Informatik - Arbeitskreis Begreifbare Interaktionen" with a presentation of Fritzing
Jan 29
Transmediale '09 (Berlin, Germany)
Jan 29
Panel discussion "Re-Hacking Your World: Fair Trade Hardware" with Reto Wettach
Dec 04
Piksel Festival '08 (Bergen, Norway)
Dec 04 - Dec 07
Festival for Free/Libre & Open-Source Audiovisual Software, Hardware & Art
Nov 28
Arduino & Fritzing Workshop (FH Ansbach)
Nov 28 - Nov 29
Talk and Workshop on Physical Interaction Design, hands-on with Arduino and Fritzing
Nov 03
This happened.nl (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Nov 03
A series of talks on current interaction design projects
Jun 24
Friends of Fritzing Summit '08 (Fachhochschule Potsdam)
Jun 24 - Jun 25
Join the Physical Computing family for the next Fritzing planning workshop
Jun 12
Fritzing production workshop (Bauhaus-University Weimar)
Jun 12 - Jun 13
Using Fritzing for producing robust pcbs of your electronic prototypes
May 21
Fritzing presentation (UdK Berlin)
May 21
An introduction to Fritzing
May 15
Teaching Electronics with Fritzing (Bauhaus-University Weimar)
May 15
The first trial of using Fritzing as an electronics teaching tool
Apr 21
Fritzing at HannoverMesse (Hannover, Germany)
Apr 21 - Apr 25
Fritzing is part of the FHP university booth in Hannover