Arduino Newbie Workshop

Fritzing HQ Workshop Series

From Oct 09, 19:00 to Oct 09, 22:00
at Fritzing HQ, Berlin

Fritzing Workshop Series

What you'll learn

In this workshop aimed at beginners, you'll learn the basics of "Physical Computing" with the Arduino microcontroller in the framework of Fritzing. Digital/Analog inputs and outputs will be explored with breadboard experimentation. Next, we'll show you how to bring your physical breadboard circuit into Fritzing to produce both a clear a documentation of your circuit, and to produce a schematic and PCB layout.

The goal is to whet your appetite and put you into the position to get started on your own projects, or to include new ideas into the next concept you're working on in your team.


We welcome everyone who is interested in learning about interactive electronics as a creative material. Designers, artists, engineers, hobbyists, the more the merrier. No prior knowledge is required, but it usually helps to know a little programming.

Stuff to bring

  • Laptop: Ideally with the latest version of Arduino and Fritzing pre-installed. If you don't have one, don't worry, you can probably share with your workshop neighbor.
  • Electronic components: The workshop is structured around the contents of the Fritzing Creator Kit. You can either bring your own collection, or purchase a kit from us.

Your well-being

We'll provide free drinks at the beginning of the event, so make sure you're there on time!
To get a feel of what the workshops will be like, check out our workshop photos on Flickr

Your hosts

The workshops are taught by André Knörig and Stefan Hermann from the Fritzing core team. Check out their personal websites to get convinced you'll want to learn from them.

Sign up!

The workshop costs 30€ and is limited to 15 participants. You can pay when you arrive, but please sign up through Eventbrite before.