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using InkScape

Antti Lukats 10 years, 4 months ago


I am writing a short article about fritzing in the next issue of Antti-Brain magazine, while the october issue is not released, i made some commentary notes available online regarding InkScape use for SVG editing

actually the all mini-howto is still pretty short so i post it here too

quick howto use InkScape to make/modify component graphics

open, ungroup, move around modify pay attention to multiply shapes overlapping some smaller ones are used to autodetect connectors and terminals, they must have proper ID!

when done, then select all, group together, and select properties and set ID and label, look the stock components to see what the ID's need to be #schematic, #breadboard, etc..

this is about all that you need to know (I think) at least i was able to modify some compoenents and to get them work/tested as well :)


Antti Lukats 10 years, 4 months ago

ah, stupid me. it is possble but clumsy without breaking the groups too, just need "enter group" then can select and move

André Knörig 10 years, 4 months ago

André Knörig

Hi Antti,

thanks that's very helpful. Inkscape has some problems, as does Illustrator - unfortunately different ones. We actually so some cleanup on the file when they are imported into Fritzing's parts editor.

In Inkscape, the most annoying thing is that the groups are not visible in the UI, except for the XML source editor. For some reason, they do not show in the layers window. It's also good practice to save the final file as a standard SVG, not as an Inkscape-SVG which contains a lot of extra cruft.