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A way to make visible all the ground seeds

Bernie 7 years ago

Hello, I would like to have an UI to see at a glance which components have been set to ground seed. For example, the “ground fill seed editor” could have a button to highlight all the ground fills at once, instead of one by one.

Use case: It happens that by mistake I set one pin or via to ground, then later by generating the ground fill everything connected to that point goes to ground. It's then a lot of work to check every pin to discover which one originated the problem. Conversely, it happens that I forget to set one pin, and I do not notice on the Gerber export that it's not to ground. Or that I correctly set the pin to ground, but it was too close to something else and Fritzing did not actually connect it and let it floating. By displaying a visible hint on top of the connectors which are supposed to be set to ground, one could pay attention to each of them and check for potential problems in the ground plane generation.

Currently the ground fill selector indeed allows to browse the list, but has limitations:

  • It obliges to follow some specific component order of vias and components, which makes the check more confusing and more time-consuming (I cannot check just one part of the board, I have to browse all of it becaus I do not know what order it uses).
  • It does not allow to use the Up/Down arrow to browse the connectors. It only recognises the mouseclick event to select, which obliges to move eyes to and from the design and the dialog, making me lose mental focus on the more important task.
  • It does not allow to zoom in and out while the dialog is activated, contrary to the DRC results dialog. Actually the DRC dialog also makes the selected element momentaneously blink when selected, which makes them much more visible than the simple highlight in the Ground fill selector.



Jonathan Cohen 7 years ago

Hi Bernie,

Added to the issue tracker.

- j