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unsatisfied dependency: libphonon

bablo 10 years, 1 month ago

hi all!


i've using fritzing on debian gnu/linux (with gnome) for the last half year with no problem. however with this last revision it won't start due to an unsatisfied dependency. this dependency is the shared lib which belongs to qt4 framework. i'm not a qt4 framework user.

all other apps i've been using that depend on qt4 (paraview, etc) carry on their own dependencies or shared libs so that they don't make me pull the whole qt4 shebang. wouldn't it be possible to work here this same way?


thanks a lot!

Brendan Howell 10 years, 1 month ago

Hi Bablo,

It looks like the phonon libs may not have been copied into the last release.  Let me try it here on a virtual machine. 

Also, we are working on a debian package this week.


Mariano Crowe 10 years ago

Hi Bablo,

We have just uploaded new files to the download page for the linux releases, but now without the dependency on phonon.

Try them out and let us know if you run into trouble


bablo 10 years ago

Brendan, that debian package would be greatly appreciated!


Mariano, I've just tried it out and it works fantastic! Muchas gracias!



GusPS 10 years ago

Is the 64bit version fixed? (I'm having the same problem)

GusPS 10 years ago

Installing libphonon4 it works.

sudo apt-get install libphonon4






Tillin9 10 years ago

I third the Debian package, I haven't seen it on the website. Not having the problem, just commenting on the fact that many would appreciate a .deb for Debian stock and Ubuntu.