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PLAY Button - or profit motive?

WizeGuy 5 years, 7 months ago

"We don't ("We" being the people who decide what "you" need.) think that the advantage of having a (PLAY Button) simulation is worth the effort. ..... Also, we think that it is important that you get hands on with the real stuff, and that you should try out your circuits physically."

I STRONGLY Disagree!  I've made a zillion circuits and I understand the thinking behind NOT having a PLAY button in the Fritzing software. When I first downloaded it, I was so excited!!!  I was yelling across the house to my wife telling her; thinking it would actually PLAY a test circuit for me.  I'm older, my vision is not like is was when I could read a book literally 2" from my eye.  My hands & fingers are bigger too.  In other words, it's a real  pain in the ArS for me to build a circuit with ever smaller components. 

It would be mind blower to be able to lay out and test a circuit in the Fritzing software.  It would foster creativity for me & others to a new level.  I could try simple (or complex) ideas that I may not have the parts for and see if it would even work.

Besides this, think of the learning benefits it would have.  Plblic Schools could use it and LITERALLY save millions on the need to by parts for students that would burn them up anyways.

In my view the logic not having a PLAY button is MUCH the same at the logic you need to learn Mores Code to get a short wave radio license.  You have to be part of a special club that knows a certain level of skills before you can participate.  Simply put.  THAT LIMITS PEOPLE FROM LEARNING IN THE FIRST PLACE.  You could not use the Fritzing software for much of anything if you did not allready know how to build a circit anyways...

If you want to make an open source package that could litterally "quickly" change the world, add a PLAY button.  If you like your special little elite club, leave it out.


You know What?  I think I just figured it all out!  

You guys sell parts yourslef don't you?


Arn't I the idiot?  That's what it is, is'nt it?  Can't believe I did not realize it. It's about your "Open Source" income.  Well think of this.  Two versions of the software, 1 free, no PLAY button, 1 for $9.95 with a PLAY button.  You guys would cash out; way beyond what you make off parts alone.



P.S. I realize the money goes to further the project (I hope)... but... Think of what more could be done....  It would most certainly increase your income; it's worth the effort.


sleemanj 5 years, 6 months ago

You seem to think that arbitrary electronic simulation is an almost trivial matter, and that simulation is accurate.  Neither statement is even REMOTELY true.  Even if you limit to just discrete components, let alone mix IC's into it.

The ngspice codebase contains roughly 500 thousand lines of C/C++ code.  The Fritzing codebase contains roughly 100 thousand lines.  Admittedly that's a very rough way to compare projects but it gives you an idea about the magnitude of the task, the code for your "play button" could be 5 times larger than the source code for Fritzing as it is!

And that's for a simulate-a-time-then-examine, not for the "realtime" simulation that your "Play" button implies.

There has been discussion of exporting to spice which would be a reasonable way forward, but that's not easy either.

If you want a package which has your "Play" button, then you would do well to look at Circuit Wizard/LiveWire from New Wave Concepts: but you certainly won't get it for $9.95 ! 

And remember even the best simulation is a very rough approximation, the real world is very different.

webway2krish 4 years, 2 months ago

i realley want to appreciate the fritzing tam for the efort they put in. it's a realley cool software. and beaing a full time software engineer i can imagine the amount of efort require to impliment simulations for all the components. but if fritzing team take that chalange and give us this feature it will be huge and it will complete a full framework. i am arguing for this feature because some times people like me (not have much experience with circuit design and testing) will like to test there idea quickley and cheaply in a simulator and if things goes well then test with a physical circuit. so i would want to request fritzing team to consider this option.