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How to better use bins

mcsteeze 5 years, 6 months ago

I notice that saving a bing and exporting a bin results in two different file formats (.fzbz for the former and .fzb for the latter).  What is the functional difference? When I restart Fritzing and import a bin, I see no difference.

Also, are parts saved in the bins (so that if I open fritzing, create a bin, put a custom part in the bin, then close and delete the bin, the part is delted too?)

Right now I am working on a project that has custom parts. When I open that project there is a "TEMP" bin at the bottom, with shows what I think are parts unique to that project.  When I open another project, the "TEMP" bin is gone, as are the parts in that bin. What is the best way to save those parts permanently? What I have done now is added the parts to the "mine" bin, but I am worried that if I delete it from there, it is gone.

Lastly, if I want to send you a bin, with all the parts included, how can I do that (i.e. send the bin and the parts).

Jonathan Cohen 5 years, 6 months ago

Hi mcsteeze,

The difference is that an fzb file is just the list of parts, while the fzbz is a zip file that contains the fzb and also any custom parts (fzp and svg files). So you can look at the contents of an fzbz file by changing the extension to zip. And to send a bin with custom parts, use an fzbz file.

When you save a Fritzing sketch, custom parts are saved with it--fzz files are zip files containing the fz (sketch) file plus the custom fzp and svg files. When you reopen an fzz file containing custom parts, those are put into the TEMP bin. If you have created the custom part yourself, on that machine, then it will still be found locally (in your local user storage area (~/.config/Fritzing/Parts on Mac and Linux; /Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Fritzing on windows) as well as in the fzz file.

I am pretty sure that if you delete a bin, it only deletes the bin file and not the custom parts in the bin--because those parts could be referenced in a different bin. You can test this by making a custom part, putting it into a bin, and deleting the bin, then do a search--I'm pretty sure the part will still be there. I think even if you delete a part from the Mine bin, you will still be able to find it if you use Parts Bin Search, but again you can test this. However, after you close a sketch containing custom parts created elsewhere, those parts will not be found. Moving those parts to the Mine bin will make local copies of the custom parts (I think).

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Deacon Frost 5 years, 6 months ago

Thank you.