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Parts Request (RepRap-Related)

W S 4 years, 9 months ago

I am not here to demand anything at all whatsoever. Nor do I think that anyone owes me (or anyone else for that matter) anything. I am happy enough with this software being free. Thank you to everyone involved in making Fritzing what it is today.


I thought that these would be a good suggestion though:


- Pololu Stepper Drivers (DRV8825, etc)

- Ramps Boards (1.2-1.4)

- 12v/24v LED Power Supplies

-  and any other open source electronics.


Thank you for giving us the chance to request parts. I am currently in the beginning stages of using Fritzing and I do not yet hold the knowledge to create parts like these (or I would just make them myself). I hope to be able to one day, but until then, all I can do is hope somebody else makes them.


I made sure to do a proper search throughout the site and through all of Google's Indexes before asking. I found only two posts that really had anything to do with RAMPS and so I decided to bring it up here.


I apologize ahead of time if I am beating a dead horse, or if this question has actually been asked a million times already (or that I am just braindead and need to LMGTFY...).


Thank You



André Knörig 4 years, 9 months ago

André Knörig

Hi Nicholas, no reason to apologize, we know how annoying it is if the one part that completes your project is missing. Be aware that we also added so-called generic parts (like the IC) and even a mystery part to help with this situation.

For the Ramps Board, I'm not sure what exactly you would like to see in Fritzing -- do you mean you would like to have it as a single part, like e.g. an Arduino Uno? Or rather all the individual components that make up the ramps board? Which use case do you have in mind here?

And for the power supplies, can you provide a specific example?

jlvega003 4 years, 6 months ago

Hello Nicholas. Excuse me, could you get the models of Ramps boards and Pololu Stepper Motor Drivers?



uaneme 4 years, 5 months ago

Just having the RAMPS shield could already be helpful to make illustrations for manuals in the breadboard mode.

I'm wondering, are there tutorials how to draw parts in Inkscape? Or could someone share a Inkscape file that makes up a Arduino Mega for fritzing? Then i could try how far i can get to make a RAMPS without having to start from scratch. I've done custom shapes fore PCB's, though i'm not sure if i can get as far with RAMPS but i can give it a try.

By the way, how difficult is it to convert a PCB design made in Fritzing into a fritzing part? I mean, it would be nice to also be able to Export a design as a PART just like you now export a Gerber file. Would that be possible in the future?

(Please someone say yes we are already working on it) :-D

Also an Import function wuld be nice to Import the RAMPS Eagle file. Then we could just Import the RAMPS design and Export the part. Yeah I'm having future visions like Nostradamus though I hope I was less cryptic then him, haha!