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Pushbutton and matrix

Max Chaumon 5 years, 4 months ago


I'm enjoying my brand new Creator Kit and have a question:

Using the matrix as a starting point, I want to insert a pushbutton and switch between 2 images with this button. I added a switch connected on one side to GND and on the other side to pin18. A 100kOhm pull-up resistor connects to 5V.

I've adapted the matrix program to switch between images when the pushbutton is pressed. The program works because if I bypass the pull-up resistor with pin18, the matrix animates.

It seems like the resistor is too high. If I test with pin18, starting from 5V, as soon as I jump over the resistor, it stops working. I tried (unconvinced) with a 220Ohm resistor, which didn't change a thing. Can you explain to me why this is not working?

I just posted the breadboard here

Many thanks!

Stefan Hermann 5 years, 1 month ago

Stefan Hermann

Hello Max,


sorry for the late reply. We didn't see the question.

It looks that the GND connection is missing. Connect a GND to the blue marked breadboard row – then it should work.


Thank you and have a great day,