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Problem with Ubuntu 9.10

inoxidabile 8 years, 8 months ago

Hi everybody!

I downloaded the last version 0.4.1b / 32 bit for Linux, I like to keep my application updated.

I use it on a PC having Ubuntu 9.10 but the program doesn't run.

I repeated the download and unpack but the problem remain.

After this I go on with the previous version because it works.

Do You have any suggestion?

Thank You in advance for any info about,



Jonathan Cohen 8 years, 8 months ago

Hi Stefano,

We built 0.4.1b under ubuntu 10.04 in order to take advantage of a newer release of Qt, but libc is evidently not compatible between 10.04 and 9.10.  So we will be making a new release shortly using a newer Qt version, but on an earlier linux release.  Your easiest option would be to wait for the next release of Fritzing.  Another possibility would be to upgrade your Linux.  Yet another option would be to build Fritzing from source.


- j 

inoxidabile 8 years, 7 months ago

Hi Jonathan,

thank You once again for Your quick reply!

There are no problems at all - for my use I can continue to use the previous version.
Moreover I'm not so skilled and then I prefer to avoid the build from source.
It was only a little fear, because I didn't find any reason for that fail.
I will wait for new version, I'm curious for the development of this so interesting project.

I would like to say just a little thing.
Maybe You will think I'm a dreamer (or a fool...), but in my opinion the future of the environments (as Fritzing) is to become holistic / all inclusive but in a simple, user friendly graphical way.

In other words I imagine that, maybe, it could integrate also programmer+simulator (please have a look at this very very nice project: ) and/or"spice - like".

It's an idea I have in my mind since several years and excuse me for this - as I said before maybe it's only a crazy thing.

Thank You for Your support (and patience!).

Hoping to hear any news from You in future,



ps sorry for my bad english...

Jonathan Cohen 8 years, 7 months ago

Hi Stefano,

Your English is fine.  

Thanks for the pointer to Splish--it is indeed quite interesting.

As for integrating Splice, as it says in our FAQ (, we have some philosophical grounds for not going in that direction.  And unfortunately, the state of software being what it is today, that integration would require a whole lot of work (and making new parts would be even harder).

Thanks for your support and patience.


- j