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Could Someone Check my Design Please

BeardedMan1 4 years ago

Hey guys,


I'm relatively new to electronics and I'm currently teaching myself on an arduino. This is my first ever PCB design and I would appreciate any help that could be given!


Im aiming to get this design into a 5cm * 5cm square of PCB. Is there anything that you would change to make this a better design, and do you think it would work?


I'm a complete noob at this so I apologise if this hurts your eyes! And it would be awesome if I could learn any conventions normally followed in this community.


Thanks in advance for the help! Any questions, ask away!

Image of the Design

BeardedMan1 4 years ago



I have updated the design to what I think is a suitable final design. Please advise with any comments. Thanks :)!


Click Here For Image

bootchk 4 years ago

Mabye the trace on the back side from pin 23 of your IC seems too close to the unused (?) pin 24.


Did you run the design rule checker?


Did you lay out the schematic or breadboard view?  You should do that to make sure it corresponds to your mental schematic.

jackMiser 4 years ago

Change your grid size and clean up those wires a bit.... you have a few overlapping areas part S4. Needs some tlc... You're getting there! Run a DRC check.