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top silkscreen gerber not working

Bernard Kerckenaere 8 years, 7 months ago

Bernard Kerckenaere

I'm not sure if this is a bug, not yet implemented, or simply a misunderstanding on my part.

I'm on Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) with Fritzing 4.3 (b09.26)

When I create the gerber files, and try to open them with gerbv, as soon as I try to add the top silkscreen layer all other layer content in gerbv goes away, and there's an import message "Most likely found a RS-274D file...trying to open anyways"

When looking at the gto file (as text) it's mostly empty as well, even though there's a bunch of texts on that layer in Fritzing.

I've put the fz file and the gerbers here:

This is the last thing (I hope) that keeps me from sending the files of to a manufacturer. (Feel free to have a quick look to see if I haven't made any other mistakes, it's the first time I'm doing this and I'm not very sure of myself...)

And a big thank you for creating Fritzing, it really hits the spot for me! I already have a working board on expirement-hole board which I handrouted double sided, so all I really needed was what the pcb overview in Fritzing provides me. I was about to undertake learning Eagle, which would've taken quite a lot of time, and seems like total overkill to what I required. So you can imagine my joy when I found out about Fritzing :)

Jonathan Cohen 8 years, 7 months ago

Hi Bernieke,

This is a bug.  For historical reasons (meaning I can't recall them) the top layers in a sketch are placed into "bottom" files and vice versa.   So for now, just delete that "top" silkscreen file--as you figured out, there is nothing in it but some header info.  For some reason gerbv doesn't like this empty file; other viewers don't seem to mind.  


- j 

PS.  Glad you like the product.

Bernard Kerckenaere 8 years, 7 months ago

Bernard Kerckenaere

Ah, yes. Now that you mention it, the Fritzing Top silkscreen parts layout does show on the gerber bottom silkscreen.

But the silkscreen texts are on the same layer, and they don't show on the gerber silkscreen?

Are the texts not yet supported? (They're the reason I got confused.) I actually tried it with the standard labels first, but figured they don't get exported because they're on a different silkscreen layer altogether. I figured since the texts live on the same layer as the parts layout they'd show though...

If they're not yet supported, no problem for me, I can live without them. But if it is possible, I'd rather have them printed off course :)

Thanks for the quick reply!

Jonathan Cohen 8 years, 7 months ago

The texts should be showing up in Gerber--both from part labels and from silkscreen text parts.  There was a bug in an earlier version of Fritzing in which part labels that contained '<' '&' '>' and other such characters confused an xml parsing step, so those texts never got exported.   Maybe that bug isn't completely fixed yet?

In any case, please email your sketch file to info (at) fritzing (dot) org and we'll have a look.  If you're using custom parts, then use the "save as shareable" item under the file menu and email us the resulting fzz file.

- j