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Copper Fill spacing not possible

fweiss 3 years, 5 months ago

Hello there,


in the recent version of Fritzing it is not possible to adjust the spac between the copper fill and the other parts.

There has been a similar thread three years ago, where there was a solution to this, editing a constant in a file. (

This constant does not exist any longer.

In the thread one said, that it should be possible in the next version, to adjust it in the gui.

This was three years ago.

It is not possible to adjust anything regarding the copper fill and there is no file I could change myself.


I am on ubuntu Linux 14.04, downloaded the 64-bit version and also tried the self compiled version from source.


Any help to this?

fweiss 3 years, 5 months ago

Oh no,


I am very sorry.

There is a solution to this. After hours of searching I posted this question and 20 minutes aufter this I find the answer.

Of course it is in the menu at the top of the Fritzing-Window:
Routing -> Ground Fill -> Set Ground Fill Keepout.


Did not find a way to simply edit or delete my report.

Sorry for that.