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Install ubuntu 10.04

lapenduledargent 4 years, 11 months ago


On a laptop with Ubuntu 10.04, I use Fritzing.
In the workshop, I have several old pc with ubuntu 10.04 but when I want to install the latest version or the previous one, of Fritzing, I have the following error message:

Désolé, nous avons un problème dans la mise à jour des propriétés.
Fritzing va continuer à fonctionner, mais vous n'aurez pas la possibilité de changer les propriétés des composants.

I saw on Fritzing that these versions are tested for 12.04:
"This binary release has-been built and tested under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS."

I also read this: Linux - A Fairly recent linux distro with libc> = 2.6

What to do to keep my old 10.04?

Thank you, Pierre

Heinervdm 4 years, 11 months ago

Hi, i'm not able to translate your error message, but just to understand the rest:

you are trying to use the .tar.gz with the compiled binaries from the Download page and not some .dpkg packages for ubuntu?


In general the .tar.gz should be able to run, because it ships it's own version of Qt.

Building Fritzing for the Qt version of ubuntu 10.04 is not possible anymore, because that version is to old.


What you could try is to install a newer Qt on your system (>= 4.7 if i remember correctly) and compile Fritzing yourself.

To compile it you have to extract the sources and call:



make install