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one layer board is opened as 2-layer after closing application

skyknight 4 years, 10 months ago

The bug is really annoying when working on 1-layer PCB which is rather big to finish in one go. When you close and restart the application loading saved PCB appears to be double sided. In settings for PCB it is displayed as 1-layer, but general component placement and UI are for 2-layer one.


It is still possible to return to normal workflow if you select the PCB -> select 2-layer PCB -> select 1-layer PCB again. PCB view is 1-layer again, but this time all the labels in Schematic view are messed up...


Using: Fritzing 0.9.0 Cocoa in OS X.

skyknight 4 years, 10 months ago

Some additional information on the problem:

When switching from 1-layer to 2-layer PCB and back to 1-layer PCB to get the correct UI and routing stuff the schematic gets messy. First of all the labels are reset and sometimes appear too far away from the component. The second and the most important is that the setting "part #" is simply removed in the process (this leads to situations when you are no longer able to see which component is installed in a standard footprint...).