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Wire-Connection mirroing error when putting a controller to the backside of the pcb

firlefranz 4 years, 10 months ago



since I'm working with fritzing I mostly arrange all the parts to the upper side of the pcb. For my last two projects I had to use both sides. I realized that there is a really annoying bug in the program when putting a Atmega (a 328 for example) to the backside of the pcb and change the view to the backside. It is then mixing up the description of the connections of the controller, or to be more precise, the program is mirroring the ports.

Another big problem is a connecting wire to a controller, which is sitting on the backside. When connecting the wire from the front view, which automaticaly creates a wire at the front layer and then putting the wire to the backside the program change the connection port at the controller side. This is really annoying since it's also not recognizing a connection, which is coming from the front layer and another one, which is coming from the back layer to the same port of the controller as a connection. When you click on a port in this particular circut the programm will highlight the wire from the front layer to the controller but then also the wire, which is leaving the controller at the opposite (again mirrored) port of the controller.


I really hope you will fix this.




Fabian Althaus 4 years, 9 months ago

hej firlefranz,

i tried to rebuild your two bugs. but sadly i cannot find the problems you descripe. maybe you can hand over a simple example sketch?

to be more specific, the first bug: if you get an atmega chip into your fingers, try to turn it from top to bottom. as you will see, all the pins getting mirrored. so fritzing is doing the right thing in that case. because if it shows you the chip from bottom side but you look from top all pins are mirrored. i know it is a bit confusing but it is like it have to be. so it is not a bug. (from my point of view)

the second bug: i try to rebuild it but i do not understand what you really did. a few screenshots or an example would be good.

please send the files to: fabian (AT) fritzing (dot) org