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Capacitor Legs Seem to be Rotated for Some Reason

spaceman1 4 years, 10 months ago



I created a circuit and put an IC and a Bypass Capacitor near it.

It looks like this:




So far so good, but when I switch to PCB View, I get this:



As you can see, the Capacitor's legs seem to be crossed, despite the fact that on the Schematic View they are not.



I tried to Rotate the capacitor on the PCB View, and got this:



As you can see the connecting wires are not crossed anymore,

but the Capacitor's Label "C1" now got rotated, and cannot be rotated again to fix it.


So it seems that rotating the Capacitor on the PCB View is not the solution.


Is this a bug?

Or is there any way I can solve it?


Thank you very much

nekomatic 4 years, 9 months ago

With the capacitor part selected, right click on its label text - you should get a smaller pop-up menu including the option to rotate the text.