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Some Small Suggestions for Improvement

spaceman1 4 years, 4 months ago



After checking 8 different PCB Designing tools, I can say that I like Fritzing the most.

It simply enables me to achieve more, without wasting time on trying to figure out how to do something.

It simply works.


Since I like it so much, I would like to ive feedback on some small things that I feel missing, and that could enable make it even better than now.


All my suggestions are regarding PCB View:


1) Enable the Text item(called "logo" on the Parts stencil) to be MultiLine.

Sometimes we want to add a small text, that is multilne, and not necessarily a logo,

and it will be more comfortable if we could choose in the properties SingleLine/MultiLine, and then be able to resize the element downwards(to enable more rows), and not just diagonally(which increases the size).

2) Enable entering Names for each leg/hole in the Headers.

If I place a 6 or 10 holes Female Header, I would really like to write a small name for each hole, for example  Vcc, Gnd, In1, In2, Out1, Out2, etc..

3) Enable selecting several Elements with the mouse, via drawing a rectabgle.

Currently it is not possible to select elements like that, and the user needs to press Ctrl, and then click every  element he wants one by one - can be a long process, and can easily miss parts.

When I try to draw a selecting rectangle in the PCB View, it does not draw a rectangle, and instead it moves the PCB...

4) Please enable placing capacitors with different mils. For resistors you enables several mils,

but for capacitors only 100mil and 200mil is offered. (I am talking about Thru-Hole)


I really hope you can consider these small things and include them, it would make working with Fritzing perfect..


Thank you very much