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Autorouter whacks out breadboard view

JointTech 9 years ago

I think this may be part of the bug with adding a trace creating wires in the breadboard view.  Im having a mind blank but I thought in the last version no matter what I did in breadboard/schem/pcb views as far as moving parts around had no affect on the other.  Now after laying out a PCB the breadboard view is all messed up.  ;( 

Jonathan Cohen 9 years ago

Hi JointTech,

This sounds like a bug--because you're right, if your activities in pcb or schematic view don't modify any connections, then there should be no effect on the breadboard.  This should also be true for the autorouter.   It might help us debug if you sent us your sketch file (email to info .at. fritzing .dot. org).

- j

ajd4096 8 years, 10 months ago

This was not my bug report, but I've emailed in an example sketch.

Jonathan Cohen 8 years, 10 months ago

Hi Ajd,

Thanks the post and your follow-up email.  Let's just say this is a long story that will be addressed in the next major Fritzing release.


- j