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Standard via size wrong on fabbed board

bootchk 5 years, 2 months ago

I recently Fritzing Fab 'ed a board.  The vias which were standard vias (hole 0.4mm, ring 0.3mm) were too small (approximately 0.2mm inner diameter, which I tested by inserting a wire).  I compared to my previous board (ordered a year ago) which specified the same vias.  Too small because I need to solder a wire into them.


I have submitted a report to the Fab but they have not answered yet.


I checked the Gerber files for both orders and they both specify drill sizes of 0.156 inch (4mm.)  (I might have made a mistake in locating the Gerber files, but I think I compared the same ones I submitted.)


I don't think the plating and presoldering accounts for the difference, I think the holes are drilled too small.  The only explanation that I can hypothesize is that Fritzing or the Fab process has changed over the past year?