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Can´t export any of "My Pars" to image svg (no problems with PNG-JPG-PDF)

coparu67 4 years, 6 months ago


Fritzing 0.9.1b - Win7 64bits

I've created some parts following steps in the web.

Now, when I create a new sketch with any of my parts, I can export as image  to PNG, JPG and PDF without problems.

But Export as Image to SVG doesn't work. All my parts in the SVG file are missing.


Fabian Althaus 4 years, 4 months ago

hello coparu67.


sorry for the realy late reply. the problem is that your part has no "breadboard" id  in the breadboard image. so fritzing does not know what it should export when you export to svg. 


to fix it: open the breadboard svg in a text-editor

there is a group with the id="g4217"

change that to id="breadboard" and everything should be fine with the export