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Bug List

Rick Sciorra 4 years, 10 months ago

I am currently an eagle user and wanted to give Fritzing a try.  After using it for a couple of weeks, it has proved to be a valuable addition to my design software.  Although valuable, I did notice a few bugs and have some suggestions for improvement.



When working with capacitors in a schematic, I am unable to type the value in.  Every time I do so, the value of the capaciror shows 1pf.


If I create a simple schematic with a few nets and then switch to breadboard mode, the number of nets is reported incorrectly.  It usually adds 2 to the total number of nets.


Suggestions for Improvement:

The software should have an advanced mode so that a user can draw a schematic.  The schematic would then be the controlling document and the software would not in any way change the schematic. Breadboard view would work off of that schematic for routing.


In breadboard view, when I click a component it would be nice to show somewhere on the screen the placement of the component and the pin number.  ie: R1 A2(1) A10(2). 


More to come......



nekomatic 4 years, 10 months ago

You can use Fritzing in exactly the way you ask, no need for an 'advanced' mode: just draw your schematic then switch to breadboard or PCB view and you'll see your components with ratsnest lines showing how they are to be connected. The only catch is that if you accidentally connect two points that aren't connected in the schematic - say by wrongly placing the component on the breadboard - Fritzing will add this connection to the schematic, where it will appear as a new ratsnest line. You just have to go back to the schematic and delete it from there.


I haven't seen the bugs you describe for net count or capacitor values. The capacitor value dropdown doesn't always seem to accept typing immediately but by using the cursor keys and e.g. trying forward delete instead of backward delete, I've always been able to enter the right value. I'm using v0.9.0 on Windows 7 64-bit.