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Strange circles in copper fill layers

AndyPhil 4 years, 9 months ago

Hello to all,


I am new to Fritzing but so far I am more than pleased.  I have been able to put together a nice PCB design in a short time, but before ordering I would like to see if i have a problem with this or not.


There is a strange red circle (pointed by the purple arrow) below that appears in the Bottom fill layer.

Bottom fill layer

When I place my cursor on it I see "connecto):(1) Copper Fill":


What is this and is it a problem?  If so I can I get rid of it?


Similar artifacts can be seen on the top fill layer:

Top fill layer

There is a pale cirlce and a few lines.  Again are they going to cause a problem?


Thanks for your thoughts on this!

nekomatic 4 years, 9 months ago

The connector is provided in case you want to make a connection to the copper fill - if you hover the mouse over it you'll see that you can click and drag to create a trace joining it to another pad. If the fill is a ground fill it should already be connected to any net you've designated as ground, but if not you may want to connect it to a specific point in your circuit rather than leave it unconnected.


There have been some other posts in the forum about the lines, I haven't observed these myself but I don't expect they will be an issue if you're using the Fritzing fab service. If you're going to get the pcb made somewhere else then the best advice would be to use a Gerber viewer to check the output files before you send them off.