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Somewhat catastrophic

UKenGB 4 years, 4 months ago

2 problems really. One part that I created seemed to be not quite in the right place. I've checked the .svg and even rebullt it so it is completely correct with everything lined up exactly where it should be. But when I use that graphic for the part, it is slightly misaligned.


When I first load the file to use for the Schematic view, it looks perfect with everything aligned as it should be and connector points right on the guidelines. I save and move it on the actual circuit schematic and it's slightly too high. I tried the process again and it was slightly to the right.


I then tried to quit Fritzing while I worked on the graphic again and it crashed while trying to quit. When I restarted Fritzing and tried to re-load my sketch, it said there was an error and couldn't load the file. When I looked it was 0 bytes. So having been saving regularly apparantly is of no help as in one fell swoop, Fritzing can wipe out days of work.


So, into Time Machine (yes, this is on a Mac) and I recover the file from before the crash and reload the problem graphic and save the part again. Now when I move that part in the schematic layout, it's almost half a grid out of alignment.


Not had this problem with any other graphics, but this one will simply not stay in place - Fritzing is moving it compared to the grid. When I load the graphic into the part and save it, the position is correct. I then edit the part again and it's out of alignment and there's no way to adjust this. The graphic's 'Page' is exactly .4" x .6" and the lines and connectors absolutely centred on the grid lines, then Fritzing moves it.


So an apparently insurmountable bug in the part graphic posiitioning and a horrific problem that can (and did) result int he loss of the entire sketch project.


Can the Fritzing team comment on this?

Josh Lockheed 4 years, 4 months ago

Josh Lockheed

Based on a hunch I'd say thats a floating point rounding issue on the part position. Given the huge work area I would assume the digits after the decimal point are being clipped in favour of the large work area coordinates. Which leads me to wonder if Fritzing uses double precision floats.

However depending on whether your machine is 32bit or 64bit it may not make much more of a difference.

UKenGB 4 years, 4 months ago

The graphic positioning issue seems to be a misunderstanding by me. I now realise that Fritzing will try to place the graphic with connector points on the grid, but if they are not all on a grid junction it seems to try and do the best it can, which may not be what you expect or want. Once I re-positioned them so they could all be perfectly on the grid junctions, the graphic was positioned correctly and didn't move.


But crashing and wiping out ALL previous work is really not good.