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Breadboard Object Positioning

gnotman 4 years, 1 month ago

I have created a number of parts, primarily for the purpose of creating illustrations/wiring diagrams.

These parts are mainly using Grove connectors which have a 2mm pitch. I have created the SVGs with (where possible) the connectors fall on a 2mm grid intersection. The size of the SVGs are also whole multiples of 2mm.


I then set the grid size to 2mm in the Fritzing editor, and this allows me to create tidy wiring between the parts.


If I understand correctly, the Fritzing editor tries to align the first connector with a grid intersection point?


The odd behaviour I am getting is with the Inspector panel. When I try and set the location manually, it adds what appears to be a random modification to the values I enter. e.g. I set the 'x' of a part to be 56mm, it changes the entered value of 56 to 55.965. This happens whether gird alignment is enabled or not.


Basically, I'm expecting to override the automatic positioning by entering precise coordinates in the Inspector panel and for the those coordinates to be used.


I'm using version: 0.9.2b.64.pc