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Multiple case Z should also signify cutout in custom board

andersmusikka 3 years, 8 months ago


I create a custom PCB, with the following path with id="board":

d="M 0.0,0.0 0.0,76.0 80.7,76.0 80.7,0.0 0,0 Z M 2.5,16.0 2.5,14.5 12,14.5 12,16 2.5,16.0 Z"


Expected outcome:

When importing, I expect fritzing to say that this board has "one cutout".

Actual outcome:

When imported to fritzing, it says there are no cutouts. However, I can see the cutout in the fritzing PCB editor, and the gerber export produces the cutout.


If the 'Z' in the path are changed to 'z' (from upper case to lower case), fritzing identifies the board as containing "one cutout as I expected.


A wild guess is that there is a check somewhere for 'z' that could be changed to check for either 'z' or 'Z'.

This would have saved me 30 minutes of scratching my head why fritzing identified the cutouts in one of my custom boards, but not the other :-).


Thanks for a wonderful open source product!




andersmusikka 3 years, 8 months ago

Argh, I mistyped the heading. It should say: "Multiple _upper case_ Z ..."