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Howto replace .fzz of an already ordered (but not yet produced) PCB?

local_dani_21 8 years, 4 months ago

Dear Fritzing Team

A few days ago, I ordered my first PCB from fab.fritzing and I'm very excited about it. Unfortunately, I realised a little later that the drill-file didn't contain hole-information about the GLCD-Part (from your core library). So I replaced the GLCD in my sketch with a newly created GLCD-Part and everything looks fine now.

I heard from Jonathan, that it should be possible to replace the already sent .fzz-file with another (with same board size) since the production won't start until the 21th of september. 

Please: Where do I have to send the new .fzz file so that only the new one gets created!

Thank you,



Jonathan Cohen 8 years, 4 months ago

Email the new version to fab .at. fritzing .dot. org.  It helps to include your order number.

- j