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A few image export bugs or sub-optimalities

Brent 3 years, 5 months ago

A few quick searches for related bug didn't turn up any results (at least in the past year), so here are a few issues I've seen.   Version 0.9.2 (b8d2d5970658f0bed09c661c9ea9a.  Maybe by first bug is that the about window won't show me the full version number.  I do have my text size in Windows 7 set to 'Medium - 125%'.  (Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display)

About Dialog Bug



Here is a view of my file in the frtizing editor:

Editor view


Please note the silk and the clean/sharp edges on the wires in the editor.

If I export the image as a PNG, some of the straight lines of the wires get big 'discontinuities'.

Strange wires

Everything there is on the grid, so it's odd that only 1/2 of the wires get damaged.  It's possible that it's related to the part.


I'm only exporting PNGs because the silk screen isn't exporting (correctly or at all?) as an SVG:

Screen shot of SVG


Note the missing silk, but the nice looking wires.  (The image hosting service I used wouldn't accept SVGs, so I used a screen shot)


My last 'bug' might technically be a feature request.  The default size of exported SVGs is artificially small.  To be able to resize them on a website I manually remove size (width='2.29554in' height='2.82472in') from the SVG so  can set it in CSS.  I'd personally prefer it not limited by default, or to be offered a parameter on export.  The latter option is obviously a feature request.  Thanks.


- Brent



I'll start off with a close up of what I'm seeeing