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Problem connecting and bending wires on the ICSP header connectors with Arduino Leonardo part

dmjlambert 3 years, 5 months ago



When I try to connect wires to the Arduino Leonardo on the ICSP header, the wires do not connect.  The wire end remains yellow or purple and does not turn blue like it does when I drag the endpoint of the wire over one of the Leonardo's other connectors, such as one of the digital or analog pins.  


If I go ahead and leave the end point on one of the ICSP header pins anyway, I am unable to bend the wire very easily, because when I try to drag the middle of the wire in some direction, it always moves the whole wire instead of bending it.  I am able to double click and make a sharp bend point, but I can't make a curvy bend.  Is there another way to tell Fritzing to leave the end points of the wire where they are and curve it?