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Wires bendpoints bug

espada86 3 years, 5 months ago

I have a strange bug with the wires of the pcb.


I made some PCB's and saved the files with them being perfect. But sometimes when I load them the wires are bugged and if for example I have a wire that make this path: ABCD, when the bug happens the wires have the proper position in the pcb but if you select them and move them you see that the path changed to ACBD. This is important because when I make the gerber files and the pdf they are different although the file is the same.I can see when the file is correct because the bendopoints looks strange, like they dont have continuity between them.


To solve it I had to recover the file from dropbox but after some time It happens again.


I'm not sure if its because I didnt use the autoroute feature and made the wires path myself or because I modified the postion of elements on the schematic view.


It doesnt happen always, but when it happens it happens to all the wires of the pcb.