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Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

CherryNOD 4 years, 5 months ago

We offer SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly to through hole assembly services for volumes from one-time prototyping PCB assembly to short run projects or large volume production quantities to accelerate time to market for our global customers. NOD Electronics has 7 advanced SMT lines and 3 DIP lines to offer big capabilities. Also, your PCB assembly will be guaranteed by our inspection equipments such as AOI, X-ray, ICT etc. We have big capabilities for assemblying SMT/SMD (also including Flexible Printed Circuit), through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies. BGA down to 0.25mm pitch, 0201 component placements, PoP and leadless devices assembly can also be available.


We perform complete process control during all workstations of SMT, including solder paste, surface mount machine, glue, reflow soldering, automated optical inspection etc. Scientific SMT workflow fully decides assembly quality, production effectiveness and costs. We comply with strict standards and regulations, such as labeling PCB direction on surface while welding components. Process engineering (PE) will finalize the process by further discussion with customer, other department and teamates. Before this phase, our IQC will check all incoming materials to ensure all in good conditions. Of course, all important workflow is recorded on documents, so there is an access to track the detail if for any defect or slip occurred.


How we ensure the good quality during SMT during following phases?

  1. Solder paste
  2. Glue
  3. Surface mount machines
  4. Reflow soldering
  5. Automated optical inspection (AOI)


SMT involves:

  • chip component (including key technology: SMD development and manufacturing; product design: structure, terminal shape, dimension precision, weldability; package)
  • assembly process (including assembly materials, printed circuit board, screen printing, surface mount, welding engineering, cleaning, inspection technology and production management)
  • equipments (including screen printer, surface mounter, welding machine, reflowing soldering, wave soldering, inspection devices, repair workstation, cleaning devices.)

With over 10 years experience in SMT, we have formed a systematic workflow and quality control. In this way, your product can be delivered as you desired. We strive to perform all beyond your expectations. As herein, you can check more at PCB assembly section or move to another engineering Through-Hole Technology (THT).

jackMiser 4 years, 5 months ago

What does that have to do with PCB design? Seriously? Do you not get enough business??? Do you help others get there designs ready for production??? This is on my flag list!