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Dividebyzer0 4 years, 6 months ago

I tried Fritzing a good while back when it was in its real infancy, but it was simply too incomplete to be of any real use. Having recently attempted to revisit it, interested in how it seemed to integrate schematic, PCB, and code in one, I have to say that unfortunately my conclusion hasn't changed much. I really appreciate the effort and respect any such endeavor, but seriously, with so many free and extremely powerful alternatives out there (KiCad, TinyCad. Eagle, DesignSpark PCB, etc etc etc) you really have to be offering something different, or better. 


Fritzing is like a cute but retarded animal. It looks nice, and you want to love it, but it just doesn't really behave like you expect. For those hipsters who produce nothing but blinky Arduino-powered things, don't actually know any electrical theory but somehow manage to get things blinking, and still don't realize they're really just writing in C with some libraries, Fritzing is probably perfect, and that's all fine. For me it's an excerise in frustration: like trying to design a real ciruit with rocks and twigs. Some specifics that come to mind:


1. The parts library is severely lacking. Way too much emphasis on fancy pants Arduino shields and proprietary all-in-one specific parts (Sparkfun, etc.) and NOT enough REAL, BASIC components. For example, I couldn't even find a transformer. Just a basic, generic transformer. Yeah sure, I can import my own, but why the hell should I have to go through that kind of trouble for something as standard and ubiquitous... 


2. The parts that exist, when you do find something that might possibly substitute (like two inductors back to back for a transformer?), won't let you edit the values to whatever you want. No, inductors are locked to a few certain inductance values, the caps are maxed at 0.1kV, etc. 


3. The routing is absolutely terrible, and when in manual mode, the nodes do whatever they want. Trying to connect components is a mess, the program fights you every step of the way and for some reason refuses to consider components sharing wiring nodes as actually connected despite them obviously sharing a net. Unless I explicitely specifiy as such, I want all components to automatically hook up to whatever net they node to, not create new ones, or ignore them. 


4. When I'm in schematic mode, I'd appreciate seeing the parts as SCHEMATIC icons instead of cute little artwork. The image versions all exist, I don't see why the menu thumbnails can't display them appropriately.


5. When I rotate a component, why does the label rotate with it? Why would anyone ever want to have any labels sideways? Why can I not rotate them back to a readable position?


6. Maybe I'm a complete moron, or I'm too used to using other CAD packages, and all these issues are completely my fault. Please point out any of my failures in defence of the software if that's the case. But regardless, at this point, if the software doesn't do what I expect right from the start I'm not very likely to continue banging my head against a wall to figure out I was the one who was doing it wrong because that just proves how UNintuitive the interface is.

jackMiser 4 years, 6 months ago

Are you serious???  Well I've had no issues... While not the best. It works great! And why knock-on the simple guy making LED's blink??? That shows you have a genuine care about yourself attitude. Don't be like that. Help others... That is only going to make the world a better place. You have to start somewhere man. You can't understand everything. So even basic electronics knowledge is better then nothing... Sounds to me you just might have paid to much for schooling. I'm sorry.

Nothing binds you to Fritzing... You either can use it, or you can use something else. It's pretty much that simple. Lets just say. With time this program will edge out the rest. There is no doubt. The direction and approach this program takes has many advantages over the others, I'm not here to list differences. Dice it as you may.

Making parts is a breeze... Please look into Inkscape and help expand the parts library. You can also download the source code and do some writing if you care to help make Fritzing better. We are on GITHUB! :)

This is a great EDA for all the basic usages. While it can also use many improvements, it can still get the job done. NO PROBLEM. Oh, and did anyone pay for this? No they didn't.... SOMETIMES, Free is just that FREE... Help make FREE better!

If Fritzing was so bad, I'm sure others wouldn't even consider copying the ideas brought from this platform. Look at Autodesk guys. My god nothing like copying the code modifying it then charging for it. So It's all perspective man. (123D circuts)

Thanks for the input!