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Silkscreen and part labels obscured by copper

Daniell 4 years, 6 months ago

Hi All


Ive just on completed my first board using Fritzing and have an issue with the part labels and silkscreen. Some of the labels are obscured by the copper layer and also via's.. If i export the design and look at the image in either a gerber veiwer or just as a PDF, parts of the silkscreen are missing and the missing parts correspond to a copper track or where a via is underneath the silkscreen.

So for example if i have the label IC1 and the "C" is over a via or a track ( NOT ALL tracks or vias just some) part of that "C" will be missing where it runs over the copper or via.


Also in the PCB veiw i have to turn off one of the copper layers just to see some part labels, if i dont turn it off the part label is completely hidden below the copper.. Again this is not all of the labels, some are just fine..

What am i doing wrong here?