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Beginner :)

aishen 6 years, 1 month ago

I just baught an Arduino ethernet and I just received it...

Thanks you for the kit.

I wanted to start and find no documentation for it !

Fortunatly I find the way to test it 4 hours after : With a big head !

I then think it would be a good idea to make a tutorial how to connect to an arduino ethernet usb : Few specifications ...

I found that this arduino doesn't connect to pin 13 but 9

That serial port is ACM0

And that usb has to be connected to 6 pins plug (that was the easiest), I think there is a lack of explanations about that.

I even had a big fear because reading arduino, I thaught it was only an ethernet card !

big fear (106 euros), I probably will write something one of these days when i know it better.

Otherwise I am happy with the kit.

Kind regards


Stefan Hermann 6 years ago

Stefan Hermann

Hi Henri,

thank you for this message. I think, you are right. Some more explanations would be cool. I hope, we can do something in the future. I putted it on the to do list. You can find a nice explanation on the Arduino-Website.


So you thaught, that you maybe only get a Shiled with the Starter Kit? That is interesting. We will communicate it better.

So again: Thank you very much for this infos and we wish you a good time with the Kit :)




aishen 6 years ago

Hi Stephan,

I went a little further today... After trying some ino, I got blocked !

So I tried to find why. There is an excellent test with gambas2 to light a led by clicking a button. In fact when I can't get any further I load it and try again.

Link is gambas2 : Mis programmas y algo mas

That's how i began successfully

There is another one with gambas3 but I haven't tested it actually,but seems  good. My aim is to be able to use an arduino oscillo to test  a RLC circuit.

Tonight I am looking to birthday thing but apparently resistors don't load in fritzing.

Thanks again,