this is a time-controlled lighting control system for aquarium LED lamps

This is a time-controlled lighting control for aquarium LED lamps. The time control is stored in control tables in the Arduino code. You can choose between 2 tables (e. g. summer/winter). In addition, the time values can be programmed without a computer connection and the potentiometer allows further adjustment of the desired brightness.

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Uli DD 2 years, 7 months ago

Uli DD
Thank you very much for your suggestions, but: The disturbances caused by the I²C bus for the display and especially by the PW-modulated voltage for the LED lamp (approx. 1A) with FET are so high that I couldn't get a stable reception of the DCF77 transmitter. In fact, the aquarium lighting control system does not need any summer time, which the fish do not care about this invention of humans. The fish adjust their daily routine to the sun and it stays the same. It is even the case that I have integrated a 2nd control table with lower light values for the summer, since the sun shines longer in summer.

jorczikt 2 years, 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing this nice little project - very useful! Maybe this could be extended further by replacing the RTC-Module by a DCF77-Module to have automatic time sync and DST on/off automatically? Does it make sense?