How to take the out put from a PC fans Hall effect sensor and convert it into RPM.

Reading the RPM of a common 3 wire PC fan is quite simple. First you must connect your fan to the Arduino. In this instance we will be powering the PC fan with an external 12v source. The schematic in the fritzing file and the image gallery will fully explain how to hook up the fan. You must also connect a 10k pull up resistor from the fans signal line to the arduinos 5v pin.

The code for this project was written by Crenn from

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gallego2286 5 years, 4 months ago

Hello fellow fritzing, ARE hope and wish you well. my question is can I do the same to measure the speed of this instrument, apparently works the same way? I hope I'm not violating any rules of the forum to post this link <> It's just to inform me about it PS: sorry for my English

gallego2286 5 years, 4 months ago

Hola compañeros de fritzing, espero y deseo esten ustedes bien. mi pregunta es ¿puedo hacer lo mismo para medir las revoluciones de este instrumento, al parecer funciona del mismo modo? espero no estar violando ninguna regla del foro al colocar este link <> Es solo para informarme al respecto Postdata: disculpen mi ingles