A robotic car with 2 dc geard motors controlled using push buttons on a remote with rf 433mhz modules tx/rx ... have fun !



Transmitter Side

1) Arduino (i used nano)

2) Breadboard & Wires

3) RF Module 433MHz Tx

4) Push buttons [x5]

5) 10kOhm Resistor [x5]



Reciever Side

1) Arduino (i used uno)

2) Robotic Chassis 2WD (2 DC Geard Motors + Castor Wheel + Chassis)

3) 12V Battery

4) Wires

5) 9V Battery

6) RF Module 433MHz Rx

7) ON/OFF Switch (optional)

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Hassan Mohamed 9 months ago

Hassan Mohamed
@fahimedward I connect ENA and ENB to 5V directly.

fahimedward 1 year, 11 months ago

Hello dear , i just wanna ask about wiring L298 , did you keep jumbers or connect any wires to its Ena and Enb ?