Create an automation to water plants in vases. It requires some Arduino skills but also some manuallity to work with plastic tube , cutting and gluing plastic parts.    

Water plant system for plants in vase


The purpose of this project is to create a system to water my plants while I am in vacation. I do not have a garden but just few plants in a vase. The majority of the projects I’ve seen are for watering plants in a garden so they do not fit in my situation.

Moreover I do not have water pipe in my balcony so I had to find a different solution.


I’ve thought to implement it using an Arduino UNO board and few other sensors and components. It should work in this way...If the humidity of the most needed plant is under a certain level open the valve to water the plants. But what happen if too much water arrive in the less needing plants ? ( It never happened )…You will discover why!

To module the quantity of water I created more or less tiny holes in the tube that goes in the plants. More holes more water.

However ti realize it I had cut and glue some components like a potato salad’s box...some tunes...some woods sticks.


1 x Arduino UNO

1 x DHT11 humidity / temperature sensor

1 x moisture sensor

1 x SD Card logger board

1 x LED

1 x Plastic Water Solenoid Valve

1 x FET transistor

1 x Diode Zener

1 x battery package 5v

1 x battery package 12v

1 x push button

1 x Resistor ( 100Kohm  )

1 x 20L Box or more

1 x box to cut and use as water intermediate distributor container


to be continued