Antidepressants without prescriptions of doctors: a list of drugs of different groups than dangerous self-treatment of depression.

In the pharmacy you can find antidepressants without prescriptions, which will help to remove anxiety, depression, normalize sleep. These drugs affect the exchange of mediators in the brain (serotonin and norepinephrine).

Here is full list Antidepressants


The antidepressant effect of drugs is due to the stimulating effect on the human psyche. The therapeutic activity depends on the mechanism of action of the agent and the severity of the pathology.

What antidepressants can I buy in a pharmacy without prescriptions?
Without prescriptions in the pharmacy, strong antidepressants can not be bought, since they have many serious side effects. Here is a list of antidepressants of various groups that can be found on a free sale(if you are buy this online pharmacy).

Prozac (flow, fluoxetine, fluval, profluzak)
He is a representative of the group of selective serotonin inhibitors (SSRIs). It is quite popular with outpatients (therapists, neurologists). The drug effectively cures premenstrual disorders, eliminates panic and anxiety, eliminates obsessive thoughts. After its application, a person becomes balanced, adequate.

Ziban (Wellbutrin)
It is used most often to alleviate the effects of quitting and drug use. It improves efficiency and

improves mood.

If the doctor has prescribed antidepressants, strictly observe the time of their use and dosage. If you miss at least one reception of herbal medicines, you will not get the proper effect. With respect to mental illness, it is possible that they will recur after a certain time. To exclude this phenomenon, antidepressants are used even after the disappearance of clinical symptoms of the disease.

Pay attention, when the treatment of depression is carried out by a qualified specialist, he takes into account not only the severity of the pathology, but also the side effects that a pharmaceutical preparation can cause. It's not a secret that some antidepressants form a dependency due to fast addiction to the body.