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Many women are looking for a miracle-way to get rid of extra pounds. Someone wants to lose a couple of extra, and someone and all 20. Good diet pills can become a loyal friend or an enemy. In this article, we will tell you about what you need to know before buying diet pills.


In order to make a good choice, one must rely not on beautiful advertising and the beliefs of bribed pharmacists, but on authoritative opinions of experienced doctors. Find reviews on diet pills can be on many sites, but it is not clear which of them to believe.

Another option for testing efficacy and safety is clinical trials. If the drug is not tested, then all the claimed properties - a potential lie. A good manufacturer will not hide either the composition or the research.

On the shelves of pharmacies a lot of different drugs for weight loss. But how can one understand all this diversity?

If you do not go deep into medicine, all the tablets can be divided according to the principle of their action: 

  • Normalizing metabolism;
  • Prevent the absorption of carbohydrates;
  • Prevent the absorption of fats;
  • Regulating the feeling of hunger;
  • Cleansing;
  • Thyroid-stimulating;
  • Increasing body heat production.

So what will this work for, how do we need? We take into account drugs that normalize the metabolism, stimulating the thyroid gland and increasing heat production. All the rest is nonsense! Do not buy drugs that interfere with the absorption of any substances, if you do not want to ruin your health. Carbohydrates and fats are needed for our body !!



Usually, drugstores work as fat blockers and appetite suppressants, and this is almost always the case. Few pharmacy pills work at all! Preparations Meridia, Tenuat, Phentermine, as described by the manufacturer, affect the saturation center in the brain and depress your appetite. Be careful!

An agent that blocks the absorption of fats in the intestines is Xenical.  Such drugs as Meridia and Xenical have been clinically examined, but when choosing them, it is worth considering the possibility of side effects. In addition, the mechanism of their action is most often manifested through simple dehydration.



Such tablets as dexatrim and xenadrine, were made with the addition of ephedra and caffeine in order to speed up the metabolism. In 2003, ephedrine was banned, as a substance capable of causing a heart attack.

Now a lot of drugs are made with the addition of sinephrine - a substance that is contained in some types of citrus fruits. But the most common supplement is still caffeine.

Currently, there are 50 original supplements and 125 drugs for weight loss, which are available without a prescription. Supplements of caffeine, synephrine and guarana accelerate metabolism. Some types of fiber, such as glucomannan, guar gum and psyllium, depress your appetite, causing your brain to think that you are full.

Lida DaiDaihua(Synephrine)

The weight-loss drug Lida DaiDaihua does not harm your body due to natural origin of its ingredients. It is made from the extracts of natural plants such as Bitter Orange (Synephrine), Medicinal Starch, Job’s tears, Cassia Seed and Mulberry Leaf. Lida helps to decrease the appetite reducing the daily calorie intake, it stops the fat synthesis by improving metabolism and actively fights against cellulite.

Preparations with ephedrine or caffeine are really necessary. They will actually contribute to the loss of excess weight, in contrast to other pharmacy supplements, which often do not work.

The lighters from sports nutrition are the most rational option. Both in price and in efficiency they are much more profitable than pharmacy tablets. Fat burners are designed specifically for competing athletes, who have to bring the percentage of body fat to 3-7%.