Fritzing was started in August 2007 by the Interaction Design Lab at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam , Germany. From 2009, the team has been hosted by IXDS and the non-profit foundation Friends-of-Fritzing e.V. was established in 2012.

The Core Team

Prof. Reto Wettach (supervision)
André Knörig (project lead)
Jonathan Cohen (chief software architect)
Stefan Hermann (evangelism, products & services)
Sevgi Ulas (shop & production manager)
Fabian Althaus (parts & fab master)
Nushin Yazdani (community & pr)


Amin Zayani (chief operations officer)
Daniel Clerc (web development)
Christian Ivanis (branding/CI)
Till Savelkoul (web development)
Brendan Howell (electrical engineering)
Mariano Crowe (software architect)
Zach Eveland (electrical engineering)
Dirk van Oosterbosch (ui design)
Jenny Chowdhury (content, documentation, outreach)
Travis Robertson (documentation)
Myriel Milicevic (eco research & illustration)
Kevin Haywood (ui design)
Jannis Leidel (website)
Johannes Landstorfer (ui design)

Contributing FHP Students

Daniel Tzschentke (parts, eeng)
Omer Yosha (documentation)
Hans Kadel (eco research & workshops)
Lionel Michel (part design)
Marcus Paeschke (e-lab)

Community Contributors

Peter Boman (Parts)
Bryant Mairs (Coding)
Don Roberts (Parts, Tutorials)
Translators: Kurt Badelt and Miguel Solis (Spanish), Gianluca Urgese (Italian), Brian Lee (Chinese Traditional), Steven Noppe (Dutch), Vladimir Savinov (Russian), Hiroshi Suzuki (Japanese), Ninjia & Yuelin (Chinese Simplified), Nuno Pessanha Santos (European Portuguese), Arthur Zanona (Brazilian Portuguese)

...and many other contributors


Fritzing is a research project that was made possible through long-term funding (2007-2009) from MWFK Brandenburg (Ministry of Science, Research and Culture in the state of Brandenburg), based on a grant application by Prof. Reto Wettach.
Further support was provided through the Faculty of Media at Bauhaus-University Weimar, and through IXDS.


Thanks to an anonymous supporter, who is helping to make hardware become software.
Thanks to corporate donors PICAXE, Parallax, SparkFun, Arduino and Adafruit.

If you would also like to support us, please get in touch!

Old team photo
A photo of some of our team members in the previous office. We were very cozy.