Also see the detailed history of changes to the Fritzing software.


5.2.2008Maintenance release


More realism: Legs on parts, breadboard, and high-res graphics
Open part library, easy to extend


A transistor part added, some parts will look nicer.


Fix rough edges of first release, make it more usable and pleasant

v0001 - First Alpha

Rough and minimal version, but with full workflow

  • Basic interactions
  • Basic back-end functionality
  • Production test

FHP Project Weeks

25.9.-12.10.2007Project weeks at Fachhochschule Potsdam with Interaction Design students
See the open workspace and the results. Thanks to Elisabeth Eichhorn, Stefan Hermann, Hendrik Gäbler, Haik Dettmann and Omer Yosha!

  • UI sketches
  • Use cases
  • Project sharing

Kick-Off Workshop

17.-19.9.2007Gathering of the elite of "Physcial Computing" to kick off the project in Potsdam.
Many of the results are pouring in silently into Fritzing. See the original event page, which hopefully also contains some documentation by now.
Thanks to Alex Grunsteidl (DigitalWellBeing London), Christian Engler (Muthesius Kiel), David Mellis (Arduino), James Haliburton (K3, Malmö), Jan Sieber (Bauhaus-Uni Weimar), Lutz Dickmann (HfK Bremen), Massimo Banzi ( Milan), Matt Karau (UdK Berlin), Michael Zöllner (FH Würzburg), Olaf Val (Kh Kassel), Tom Hulbert (RCA London), and Tom Igoe (NYU ITP, New York)!!

  • Definition of project goals
  • Sketching: interaction design, back-end implementation, community website
  • Gathering of partners
  • Generating enthusiasm :)

Project Start


  • Funding until the end of the year
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