Release version 0.9.1b


It's Fritzmas! Check out the new Code View, and many new parts. and maybe even a Creator Kit for a special Fritzmas price.

Code View

The new Code View lets you edit and upload your program straight from Fritzing. Now you can keep your code together with your circuit!

New Parts
  • Seeeduino, Grove, and more, thanks to SeeedStudio
  • Intel Galileo Gen. 2, Edison, and more, supported by Intel Software
  • Raspberry Pi B+ and RPi Hat template
  • Scout, Backpack supported
  • LightBlue Bean, supported by Punchthrough
  • UDOO Duo/Quad, supported by Udoo
  • Touch Board, supported by Bare Conductive
  • blueIOT, thanks to Guido Burger
  • More SparkFun parts, thanks to SparkFun
  • and a couple of smaller components
Bug fixes
  • Jumper wire couldn’t be resized
  • Traces were sometimes displaced after file load
  • Windows 8: printing didn’t work
  • Linux: Gerber export, ground fill, autorouting broken if OS language was set to non-English
  • and various part definition fixes
  • Simplified build setup for Windows (less dependencies)
  • Moved source code to github
  • Documented command line options
Updated Translations
  • German, thanks to Atalanttore
  • French, thanks to klostery