Scannning vintage slides fast using a DSLR.

This little project uses a Arduino ATMega microcontroller to control the operation of a vintage slide projector and a DSLR to digitize 35mm slides.

The controller moves the slides into place and the DSLR photographs them using a macro-lens pointed at the slide inside the projector.

To smooth the back light created by the projector, a white diffuser piece of plastic is placed between light and slide. The projector lens is removed.

The slide movement in the projector is triggered by a small relay using a custom made cable.

The DSLR focus/shutter release is triggered by means of opto-couplers and commercially available cables. I found a brand that carries a remote control unit for DSLRs that has interchangeable cables for different brands and models of cameras.

The delay between slide being in position and shutter release is adjustable to some degree. Same for the delay between shutter release and moving the next slide in place.

Credit goes to numerous web sites and youtube videos. I just pieced it together.

Disclaimer: 1.Use at your own risk with your DSLR. 2.Slide projectors use high voltages and very hot lights. You have been warned! 3.Fritzing schema and Arduino sketch info might not be flawless. Debugging is the fun of it.