Arduino project using a 10K thermistor and an LCD screen to output basic temperature in celsius


  1. Arduino Duemilanove with ATmega328P
  2. LCD unit LCD HD44780 (ebay)
  3. 10K Thermistor
  4. 10K resistor
  5. 10K Potentiometer
  6. Assorted hookup wire
  7. Breadboard.

Assemble as shown in the Diagram.

Code was based on LCD tutorials

from arduino tutorials and the "simple code" version of reading a thermistor from the arduino playground

I was pleasantly surprised how things went together and how easy it was to get working, especially after I was unable to get any reasonable data from an LM335z temp sensor.

To make my LCD unit more breadboard friendly, I soldered some header pins onto the the LCD unit so now it just plugs into my breadboard.