a tinyUSBboard on another solderable breadboard easy to find in Brasil. As the author says: "Arduino compatible without extra programmer and/or FTDI chip (USB<->serial) needed! Plus exchangeable bootloader!"

A ported version to an easy bread board I can find in Brasil. Tested and works ok. 


Thanks to Stephan Baerwolf. Nice aproach to an arduino programable without a programmer chip.



  • I used an Atmega8 instead of one of the figure.
  • there's only 2 breaks on the breadboard: near the usb conection. I used an USB conector sorderable. I have no image to ilustrate, then I used an A-B USB conector on the schema.


I tested everything. It works as programmable board and like a USPasp programmer!


Very nice circuit. 


Some recommendations:

  • move crystal to a free area to open space for some headers;
  • use only neccessary leds;
  • maybe, if you place header nearer the atmega, the area could be better used.