Release version 0.1.11b


Downloaded 612 times.

New stuff

  • Bill of materials export (to text file)
  • Simple labels for parts (more UI work to be done)
  • New examples for Optocoupler and Voltage Regulator

Some major bug fixes

  • Autorouter: Jumping traces after autorouting (resulting in crossed wires)
  • Autorouter: Routing stopped before completion (certain parts were mistakenly treated as having buses)
  • Autorouter: Shift-click to remove bendpoint on traces crash
  • Export DIY: Wires not lined up propertly with parts they were connected to
  • Export DIY: Certain parts disappeared from export
  • Delete/undo bug causing view desynchronization
  • Part bug fixes on Optocoupler, Transistors

Known issues: